Modern-day Marketing: Online Advertising Agencies

Despite the increasing popularity of digital marketing among small businesses and established brands alike, many startups still struggle with the decision on whether to promote their products and services through traditional advertising methods or embrace online advertising. Some people may argue that print-ads and flyers have been proven methods of the past decades, but the biggest question is, does it give you the most bang for your buck?

Traditional Advertising vs. Online Advertising

While traditional advertising has its fair share of advantages, online advertising is arguably more cost-efficient especially when ROI is involved. Aside from the fact that print and radio advertising can cost you an arm and a leg these days, these campaigns are short-term. The moment you stop paying for a spot on the paper or a slot in a particular radio segment, they’ll cease running your promotions.

Another downside to traditional advertising is that you cannot readily determine the result of your campaign. You have to wait for weeks or even months to assess whether the promotion has reached its target audiences. Moreover, you’re left guessing whether people will actually patronize your brand or not as there is very little interaction between you and potential clients, and feedbacks usually take time.

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Taking into consideration the points mentioned above, here are other benefits of digital marketing and online advertising:

Promote your brand locally and/or internationally

You get to pick who your target audiences are. If you want your campaign to be locally focused, you can hire advertising companies in the area to do the job for you. Let’s say you want your ad to run in Texas only; you can hire a team that specializes in online marketing in Spring Texas to handle the project. It’s best to hire local firms to do local promotions because they know the market better. However, the same team can also run your campaign on an international scale, but this time using other techniques more fitting to the scope of the task at hand.

Advertise your content in different ways

People respond to advertisements differently. Some people prefer to receive contents in written form such as in blogs while others find videos more manageable to digest. The beauty of digital marketing is that it allows you to present your goods diversely. You can make use of relevant contents to encourage people to support your brand; you can post videos to entice them; you can interact with them through chats and forums. In short, you have the freedom to run your promotion in a way that peaks the interest of your target audience.

Results may be evaluated immediately

Because the data and results can be recorded, you can interpret them and check the success of your chosen marketing methods in real time. You can improve the strategies that are performing well and tweak the ones that are not working the way you hoped they would.

Of course, to effectively execute these maneuvers, you’ll need a hand from experts. Luckily, online advertising agencies are not too difficult to find. Yes, these services don’t come cheap, but they are worth it. If you can afford both traditional and digital advertising methods, by all means, do so. But if your budget can only accommodate one, we suggest you embrace the new.


By: Karissa