What You Should Know About Local Search Engine Optimization

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Do you want your local business to stand out in the SERPs? Did you know that local SEO can place your website at the top of organic results? Stop stressing yourself out on how you can compete with the SEO big boys. Because today you can outrank them all!

Now, let’s learn everything about local search engine optimization and how it can grow your small business fast.

Let’s get to work.

What is Local SEO?

First off. What is meant by local SEO and what can it do for your business? Simply put it. Local SEO is the process of optimization to rank your website and promote it to local customers. What are your chances to be found by your local customers? You might ask. Fact is: Millions of internet users around the globe are looking for products or services they can get in their area every day.

And by working with a local SEO company, you increase your chances of getting noticed by prospects and customers alike. Why do I say this?

What Can Local SEO Do For Your Business Online?

  • Create a tangible business by claiming your Google My Business (GMB) Page

This should come as first in your local SEO to do list. Your GMB page will appear on Google services like Local Search, Google Pages, and Maps. GMB page will help create a tangible aspect of your business. It’s like telling your prospects, “You can visit my physical store.”

  • Expose your business online through citation building

You can expose your online business by featuring your company’s name, address and phone number (NAP) on citation sites. Mentioning your website on local business directories, websites, apps, and on social platforms can help local customers discover your product and/or service.

  • Get closer to your local target market through the use of website localization

And what is website localization? It is the process of adapting an existing site to local language and culture making it more visible to the local target market. So, think about multilingual SEO. A translation team can do the job. They can communicate well with you as the owner and the customers using keywords that resonate in your local target market. Once you have a substantial list of keywords, place them throughout your Web copy and put them in your metadata as well.

Also, creating separate pages for different locations and other local content strategies will significantly help.

  • Establish trust and credibility using genuine reviews and favorable ratings

It’s a no-brainer. Reviews and ratings are provided by real people. And you know testimonials matter when running a business online. Positive reviews can showcase the quality of your product or service creating a good impression of your business.

Google will continue to consider quality backlinks a deciding factor that pushes the site to the top of the SERPs. So, the use of quality backlinks from reliable sources is a great way to keep your site safe on top. You know Google penalizes low-quality websites that use link spam.

In a nutshell, local SEO can grow your online business fast. With the right tools, the proper knowledge and with the help from the experts, you are sure you can keep your organic position in no time.

So, when would you like to get started? Where are you located? A Houston local SEO company can help you.


by Paul